OSPF Default Route on Juniper

Juniper, OSPF, Topology, rjlogs, GNS3, Junos

Continue the previous post “Configure OSPF on Juniper” , now we will configure the default route.

The scenario is IP loopback interface of J1 ( will not advertised through OSPF, but J2 and J3 will reach it through the default route that injected into OSPF.

First of all, remove the loopback interface of J1 from OSPF :

root@J1# edit protocols ospf area 0

[edit protocols ospf area]
root@J1# delete interface lo0.0

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RIP Default Route with Redistribute Static

topology, gns3, rjlogs

Same with previous post about RIP Default Route with Default-Information Originate. But now we will use static default route that redistributed into RIP.

Assumed R2 is connected to internet through interface null0.

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